fun with physics is a welfare-oriented website for students, targeting IIT JEE and NEET. Education is the right of every student but not all the students can afford to go into the expensive coachings. The founder of this website Deepak Gupta is a well-known educator in physics who wanted to help those needy students. That’s why he took this initiative and developed this website, where all of the resources like study material, video lectures, sample papers and previous years question papers of IIT JEE and NEET are available for free.

 If you hate   PHYSICS,   then   you’ve   probably   learnt  it   from a   wrong   “Teacher”.

 In PHYSICS,   you don’t   have to go   around   making   trouble for   your self –   nature does   for you.

All Science Is Either Physics or Stamp Collecting.

-Lord Kelvin


We Live In A Universe That Responds To What We Believe.

-Henry Corbin


Physics Is Hopefully Simple. Physicists are not.

– Edward Teller

Teachers Who Make Physics Boring Are Criminals.

– Walter Lewin