Dear Students,

 “If A Door is Closed, Doesn’t Mean   It is locked”. You just have to push   it harder.   There will be times when you   will   not be able to open it, But   you have to try it   again and again. 

 Same is the case, when you start   learning PHYSICS. but the one   thing that you   have to keep in to   your mind   is  “Emphasize more   on  learning the concepts   rather   than cramming” and soon you’ll be   rocking like a Pro.

 You need to stay very focused and   motivated to qualify the various   competitive   exams like IIT – JEE,   NEET   and   IIT  – JAM etc. So, don’t   get disheartened when   you are   not able to solve the problems in   the first   go.  “Just Keep   on   Trying   Again and Again”.       

 Best Wishes


 Deepak Gupta