Dear Students,

 The very first thing that we would like to tell is that, Physics is really a very easy subject if you learn the concepts   instead of cramming. Unleash the power of your imagination, let the horses run and soon you will find yourself   comfortable with the subject.

 Some standard books like Resnick Halliday, H. C. Verma, I. E. Irodov will definitely help you gaining not only the   conceptual clarity, but also the numerical techniques. So that you will be able to qualify the various competitive   exams like IIT – JEE, NEET, IIT – JAM etc.

 This website has been created to make your journey a bit comfortable and easy. Here on this website, You will   find all the solved previous year’s question papers of these exams and the solutions of these standard books   which will save a lot of your precious time. 

 Best Wishes

 Fun with Physics